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Email: Cynthia Stephens

Liaison to the CBTU

Office Phone: (513) 283-0829

Cell Phone: (859) 360-4847

Cynthia has worked in public education for over 25 years. She started as a construction labor and advanced to the Photographic Coordinator. During her time as a construction labor, she worked on the maintenance of public-school facilities including construction, demolition, hazardous material removal and general building repair. As a Photographic Coordinator she produced, directed, filmed, edited, and wrote the script for all video production reports. These reports were for construction and maintenance projects. Cynthia also created computer graphic reports to monitor and evaluate the progress of construction projects. Cynthia went on to become a high school English teacher and a community advocate. She served as a liaison between business and community leaders to establish mentorships for Detroit Public School students. She scheduled speakers and leadership conferences for students and parents, while initiating utilization of community resources available to families for material needs. Cynthia's volunteer work with the Coalition of Black Trade Unionist CARAT team (Community Action and Response Against Toxics) has led her to work in environmental science. She has a Master of Education (M.Ed.), Master in the Art of Teaching (M.A.T.) and is currently working on an Education Specialist degree (Eds) in Administration.

Empowering Workers, Employers and Communities as Ambassadors
from the Labor movement for Health and Safety

We train our members in Cincinnati, OH at our training site, or we can bring our training to your location. For more information contact: Justin Tristan - Field Training Coordinator