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Contact Information

  • Email: Justin Tristan
  • Office Phone: (513) 283-0826
  • Cell Phone: (513) 549-8818
  • Liaisons: ICWUC, UFCW and CBTU

About Justin

Justin was in the military for 6 years. He was a Chemical Nuclear Biological Specialist. During his time in the service, he earned diplomas for successful completion of the Chemical Operations Specialist Course and for successful completion of the Joint Biological Detection System L4 Course. He was attached to a Biological Detection Unit out of Arlington Heights Illinois. He worked in a mobile lab, where he used state of the art equipment to detect any traces of Biological or Chemical agents in the air. He also trained several civilian first responders how to use the same equipment. When Justin ended his service career He spent 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry working at CSL Behring . He held multiple positions over the years. He worked in the Boiler Room, Production, Inspection, Filling, Pooling, Sanitation, Packaging, and Mechanic for filling machines. He served on the Union Safety Committee for 3 years and was one of two Union members to serve at that time. In November 2016 Justin became one of the centers worker trainers doing training both for the center and his local union (ICWUC local 498C). He was hired as a full time staff instructor in August 2021.