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Contact Information

  • Email: Sonya Hall
  • Office Phone: (513) 283-0816
  • Cell Phone:
  • Liaisons:

About Sonya

Prior to joining the staff at the Training Center Sonya worked as a Data Entry Clerk for R. L. Polk & Company. Before assuming the Secretary/Receptionist duties in April 2001, Sonya was the Office Clerk/Equipment Technician at the Center. Her duties kept her busy handling all the outgoing correspondence, keeping the staff schedules and calendars up to date as well as assisting other staff and the training participants. In January 2004 Sonya was appointed to Assistant to the Administrator. Her new duties include assisting the Director of the Center in the day-to-day operations of the Center. Sonya supervises the support staff, and she maintains the operation of all office procedures. She works with vendors for the purchasing of all supplies, furniture, and equipment. She works with all Consortium International Unions staff in scheduling training for their members and is the primary contact for ICWUC participants. Sonya works with the Center staff and participants in all aspects of their logistics in their coming to the Center for training. She handles all invoices and billing and is in charge of seeing that all bills are correct and sent to headquarters for payment.