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Email: Shari Glines-Allen

Office Phone: (513) 283-0825

Cell Phone: (202) 674-6496

Shari became active in the labor movement as a member of the organizing committee in the long-term care, public sector setting where she worked. She went on to be the first president of ICWUC local 1046C for the next twenty years. She filled the roles of a shift steward, member of the health and safety committee, and chief editor of the quarterly newsletter during that time. Additionally, she was the spokesperson during negotiations for the past three contract cycles for what had now become a composite local through a successful organizing drive. She conducted routine training sessions for her leadership staff within the local. She came to the center for initial training in 2001 and returned for the train-the-trainer course shortly after. She was hired as a full-time instructor in August 2016. Shari became our Center Director in January 2021

Empowering Workers, Employers and Communities as Ambassadors
from the Labor movement for Health and Safety

We train our members in Cincinnati, OH at our training site, or we can bring our training to your location. For more information contact: Justin Tristan - Field Training Coordinator