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Lumberton, North Carolina

On April 15th 2024 ICWUC Center partnered with Cassandra Campbell the Executive Director for Robeson County Disaster Coalition. The Center was contacted by Cassandra in hopes that we could provide assistance in helping them establish a group of Instructors who would be able to provide the community with CPR/AED All ages and Adult First Aid training. In this four-day class we covered not only the skills needed to conduct this training, but we also went over how to deliver this training. Through this four-day class the instructors had to demonstrate the skills needed to perform the skills assessment. After the Instructors perfected their skills for demonstration. They moved on to each delivering two cognitive modules. The last step for them was to show that they could correct piers performances and show that they could also evaluate performance skills. I am confident that after this training Robenson County will be in good hands with their new 2024 CPR/AED/ First Aid trainers.

Contact: Justin Tristan