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Disaster Train the Trainer

Disaster Train-the-Trainer programs are the basic step that introduces prospective trainers to fundamental adult education techniques, introduces them to basic disaster response information and develops their training skills. Key to this class is the time allowed for trainers to pair off, spend time preparing to present a disaster module and then allows them the "safe space" to present Disaster awareness modules before other trainers. Although the primary aim of all our Train-the-Trainer classes is for new trainers to learn basic adult education techniques. all Disaster Response trainer classes will have demonstrations of hands-on activities of donning, and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment, use of Moisture Meters, cleanup techniques, and decontamination. This has proven to be of national significance in the responses to Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, Irma, and Maria. We will utilize the general practices from our successful emergency response programs of PPE dress outs and cleanup and decontamination methods. Module practice in front of a live audience of peers has proven to be a powerful learning tool for trainers to critique their performance.